Cruise blogger Emma, 24, to have her head shaved on a ship to raise funds for cancer charity

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Award winner: Emma on one of her cruises (Picture: Jono Gambriel)

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Young blogger Emma Le Teace is to have her head shaved in front of a cruise ship audience to raise funds for cancer care.

The 24-year-old, who was voted favourite blogger at The Wave Awards last year for her site,, decided to shed her hair for Macmillan Cancer Support after her grandad died from bone cancer.

She has described herself as ’95 per cent terrified, five per cent excited’ about doing the Brave The Shave challenge on Marella Discovery in September this year. The hair that is cut off will be donated to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children affected by cancer.

Emma said: ‘I have been thinking about doing this for a while, always waiting for the “right time”. I came to realise that there probably is never a good time to shave your head. It was at my grandad John’s funeral that I finally made the decision. He lived a full life but, even still, life is so short and none of us know how long we will get.

‘I want to give something back to those who are affected by cancer. The work that Macmillan do is incredible and if I ever had cancer, or anybody I knew had cancer, I would want Macmillan to be there.

‘Their slogan is “life with cancer is still life”, which I love.  Their goal is to help improve the lives of everybody living with cancer and they do this by providing advice and support on a huge range of issues. They’ll help you with things like finances and work because cancer isn’t just a thing that affects you physically.

‘Macmillan run drop-ins and support lines. They also have nurses who are able to help out whenever required, often providing well-needed respite to the families caring for those with cancer.’

Emma, a data developer from West Sussex, has not yet been told where or when the shave will take place on Marella Discovery, which will be sailing around the Baltic states at the time.

So far she has raised £1,000 of her £5,000 target. If she reaches that figure, her colleagues Ruth and George will also have their heads shaved.

Emma, who has been nominated again for the Wave Awards 2019, hasn’t had her hair cut since December and said: ‘I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve ever had it!’

She added: ‘Brave The Shave tends to raise £4-5million a year for Macmillan, which is incredible. The amount of people that type of money can help is mind-boggling.

‘I will also be donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children who need them. It is great to be able to give something tangible.’

To donate to Emma’s fund, please click here

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