A photo tour of Viking Star

For my story on Viking Star’s arrival in London, please click here

The Vikings are back: Viking Star at Greenwich today

Calming: The changing picture at the top of the stairs

Warm welcome: The spa

Cool reception: The cold room in the spa is covered in snow

Lie back: Relaxation loungers in the spa

Fake flames: It might look like fire but it’s steam with coloured lights

Tempting: The main pool under a retractable roof

Too cool for pool: A bar for swimmers

Infinity and beyond: The pool at the stern of the ship

Wine line: Bottles on display

Battle scene: A picture of the Bayeux Tapestry in a stairwell

Room for two: The couples room at the spa

And relax… a large sofa in the spa couples room

Room with a view: One of the restaurants

Full circle: A round table in one of the restaurants

Cookery class: You can even learn from the chefs on board

Top table: A meeting room

Lighting the way: The entrance to the Torshavn lounge

Unwind: The Torshavn lounge

Screen time: The cinema

Take the stage: The theatre

Popcorn corner: The cinema bar

Panorama: The view from the Explorers’ Lounge

Bow wow! The view over the front of the ship

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