Enjoy a taste of the future as Rob the humanoid robot serves up cocktails on MSC Virtuosa

Rob is at the centre of the Starship Club (Picture: MSC Cruises)

MSC Virtuosa is boldly going where no cruise ship has gone before… by having its own futuristic Starship Club where a humanoid robot serves up cocktails.

The android called Rob can mix your favourite tipple while chatting in one of eight languages – English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese – depending on the preference you state when placing the order on wall-mounted screens.

Electronic expressions on his LED face will also change as he pours spirits, juices and syrups, shakes the drink then garnishes the glass, while scanning the room for the next guest. If he’s in a good mood, Rob might tell a joke, pose a riddle, pass on a piece of space trivia or even show off his dance moves.

The cosmic cocktails are served in souvenir glasses that passengers can be keep as a permanent reminder of the stellar experience.

An MSC Cruises spokesman said: ‘Rob comes from a remote planet at the edge of the universe. Travelling around the galaxy, he has learned mixology in the best intergalactic bars.’

Rob, who will also be supported by human bar tenders, won’t be the only jaw-dropping attraction on the imaginary spacecraft MSC Starliner One. The club will also feature 3D holograms, an immersive digital art wall and a 12-seater ‘infinity digital interactive table’, allowing guests to explore space with their own personalised galactic tour.

The club is like stepping into the future (Picture: MSC Cruises)

Work on the Starship Club began nearly six years ago and has involved experts in robotics and automation, interior design and digital entertainment.

MSC Virtuosa will become the 18th ship in the MSC Cruises fleet when it enters service on April 16. After completing a few three, four and five-night cruises in the Mediterranean, it will head to Northern Europe with a range of itineraries to the Norwegian fjords and Baltic capitals.

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