‘Youngest world cruisers’ aged four and six are about to complete 180-day voyage on Oceania Cruises ship

Drielle Nogueira, Lorenna D’Amore Nogueira, Henrique D’Amore Nogueira, Diego Nogueira

Starting young: Lorenna and Henrique with parents Diego and Drielle in New York (Pictures: Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Oceania Cruises)

Two children aged just four and six have been acclaimed as ‘youngest world cruisers’ as they near the end of a 180-day voyage with their parents.

Lorenna and her elder brother Henrique sailed with dad Diego Castilho Nogueira, 32, and 30-year-old mother Drielle on the 684-guest Oceania Cruises ship Insignia.

The Brazilian family called at 36 countries on six continents after leaving Miami on January 6. Their epic journey ends at the Florida port next Thursday, July 6.

Lorenna DíAmore Nogueira, Henrique DíAmore NogueiraSpeaking as they stopped in New York, teacher Drielle said the trip had been an education for the children in world history, culture and people. ‘The greatest achievement undoubtedly is English language skills,’ she added. ‘How much they have learned on this trip will be uncovered in the future, when some subject will remind us all of what we saw and lived through during this time.’

Diego said: ‘It’s fantastic how children are sponges absorbing everything around them. The diversity encountered (on this cruise) will certainly help them grow with fewer prejudices because they met so many people from different cultures.’

As for the kids themselves, Henrique said his favourite things were ‘the onboard games you can play with adults and my dad and my mum, and I love (the daily) teatime! I like to visit the different countries, but sometimes I wanted to stay longer and we don’t have time. But it’s cool – I already know the places that I want to go back to!

‘Every time that we leave (for extended excursions) I really like returning to the ship and hearing the crew say, “Welcome back!” I love my house on the ship! I have a high bed that opens and closes and that’s awesome!’

Lorenna, who turned four on the voyage, said: ‘I like to go off the ship and see the cities. I love the chef when he makes brigadeiro (a Brazilian pastry) for me like for my birthday! I loved my party birthday on the ship.’

Lorenna DíAmore Nogueira, Henrique DíAmore Nogueira

How did mum and dad keep their children entertained for 180 days? Diego said: ‘We adults have the idea that kids love to have toys, the more elaborate the better, but this journey also made us realise that actually children just want attention. Without any specific activity, if we give attention telling a story, painting with them, involving them around the environment, in the end they are just happy with that.’

Drielle added that their stateroom had been a place for play, family time and art. ‘We have the children’s drawings on the walls of the places that we have been; they show how much they are learning with the whole experience. We love this experience and think it should be mandatory for every human being, as personal growth.’

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